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"because a tablet is different than a smart phone"

Achtung, das Folgende tut weh:

While Apple popularized multi-touch interfaces on its iPhone and then iPad, one thing that company simply didn't get right is how it adapted iOS for larger screen devices. On a phone, it's easy to tap any area of the screen while using just a single hand. But on the iPad, some software-based navigation buttons are in the top left corner of the screen, while others are in the bottom area, making navigation more difficult. It's like Apple simply took the iPhone screen and made it bigger. Because that's exactly what they did.

Windows 8 benefits from the maturity of time. Instead of taking the Windows Phone interface and exploding it onto a larger screen device, Microsoft really thought about how people would hold these devices and interact with the software. Windows 8 devices are thus oriented in landscape mode, not portrait, because a tablet is different than a smart phone. And the navigation is consistent, logical, and usable, with edge UIs sitting right where the user's fingers naturally fall. They're not random, or different from app to app.

Ob Paul Thurrott jemals in seinem Leben tatsächlich ein iPhone und iPad in den Händen gehalten hat? Vor meinem inneren Auge sehe ich schon wieder Windows-Fans euphorisch jubeln; creepy, diese Leute. (Aber Hauptsache, Apple-Nutzer sind alle markenhörige Schafe, mm-hmm, ja.)